1967 Jaguar (Mk2*) S-Type
3,8 Manual/Overdrive/PAS £19.995

* The Jaguar S-Type was a major redevelopment of the Mk2 Jaguar,

This top-spec Jaguar Mk2 S-Type has benefited from a previous full body and interior restoration with much recent expenditure including new stainless steel bumpers and new chrome work, new toning carpets, 5 new radial tyres. All the interior walnut has a glass-like finish too. Finished in Regency Red with ivory leather upholstery. The previous keeper advises that the engine was professionally overhauled some 2,000 miles ago. It registers textbook oil pressure and understandingly exhilarating to drive. The Jag comes with factory-fitted Power Steering, a most desirable optional fitment on these big cars, so no culture shock for those used to more modern vehicles.

Rather than attempt to describe the car further, we suggest you look at the above pictures which speak for themselves. The cost of restoring another car to this standard today would be eye-watering, so here is an opportunity to acquire a legendary British Classic for a very modest outlay.

Comes with many old MOTs and tax discs. Jaguar handbook and service book. Owner’s fully restored toolkit box in spare wheel well.

For more info on this luxurious Jag, call or text John anytime on 07909 231414.

Vehicle based in Lytham St Annes, Lancs. Delivery arranged at only £1 pr/mile one way.

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*History of the Jaguar S-Type

The Jaguar S-Type made its bow on the 30th September 1963 and was intended by Jaguar to combine the virtues of the Mk X and the Mk 2. It had the independent rear suspension of the former and the front coil spring with dual wishbones of the former. Its body looked very similar to the Mk 2 but the boot was longer, the roof line was flatter so as to give more headroom for rear seat passengers, and there were peaks over the headlamps. There were also Mk X style front indicators. Engine choices were the familiar 3.4-litre and 3.8-litre I-6 DHOC units driving the rear wheels, with the same Dunlop braking system as fitted to the Mk 2.

Jaguar intended the S-Type to offer more space and comfort than its cheaper stablemate, and so there was a more elaborate heating system and reclining backrests for the front occupants.

Many an S-Type owner will tell you that their Jaguar of choice combines the best of the Mk 2 and the Mk X. In the 1960s the S-Type was regarded as the best handling Browns Lane saloon (a point subsequently appreciated by many a Sweeney villain) and each variant has a very individual charm. An early 3.4S manual sans power steering has genuine vintage charm while a 3.8S automatic can cruise almost as well as a Mk X – and is considerably easier to park.

The S-Type remained on sale until the arrival of the Jaguar XJ6 in 1968.