1935 Jaguar SS1 Sports/Tourer Sold
Briefly the car was repatriated from Sweden in 2011 having been mothballed there for over 45 years following a previous restoration attempt. The new UK owner, a retired engineer, started again from scratch and stripped the engine and chassis to bare metal and repaired/replaced all the bodywork before professionally respraying it in Brooklands Green.
The interior was retrimmed with great attention to detail. The car also received attention to its fuel tank, brightwork, steering, suspension, wiring loom, exhaust, facet fuel pump, wire wheels, instrument and brakes, in other words every moving part.
Will let the photos speak for themselves, this car is a 100 point restoration. (will upload more pics soon)
Marque History

Forerunner of the marque ‘Jaguar’ from SS Cars Ltd of Coventry, the SS1 predated yet epitomised the later advertising slogan, “Grace, Space, Pace.” Founded in 1922 in Blackpool by William Walmsley and William Lyons, the Swallow Sidecar & Coachbuilding Company branched out into motor manufacture in 1926. The SS1 was Sir William Lyons’ first venture into full scale car manufacture and represented a massive leap from his previous venture producing elegant bodies for motorbike sidecars, the SS1, which gave the world the first opportunity to see Sir William Lyons’ styling flair, a feature of every SS and Jaguar model until his retirement nearly forty years later.

Based on a six-cylinder engine in a modified Standard chassis, it was introduced to the public in 1931. There was also the smaller SS2, which had a four-cylinder engine under the impressive bonnet.

The appearance of the larger SS1 was quite striking. At a time when car-obsessed small boys judged the horsepower of a car by the length of its bonnet the SS1 was the stuff of fantasy. It was a long, low vehicle with a short passenger compartment, wire wheels, and an elegant trunk and rear-mounted spare tyre. Its expensive looks belied its excellent value , always a Lyons trademark, and amazed the opposition.cle sidecars and for chassis from established manufacturers.