1968 Jaguar (Mk2) S-Type 3,4 Manual/Overdrive/PAS SOLD
Professional Restoration to Concours Level!

Total nut-and-bolt restoration by Classic Restorations of Scotland, one of the UK’s leading restorers who only employ highly skilled craftsmen. (www.classic restorations.co.uk) They have all the different trades, 20 staff in total, and all work is done in-house to a very high standard.

The cost of restoring this car must have been very substantial, as it involved hundreds of hours of professional expertise, so the final bill can only be imagined. However, the finished result is a virtually new car in every detail, with complete new interior, full mechanical rebuild, impeccable paintjob.

To replicate the renovation today, using the restorer’s current labour rate of £58 (+ vat) pr/hour would set you back around £70,000 and take many months/years to achieve. The car has only been driven a mere 3,500 miles since the works were completed so still looks amazing.

The car is specified with manual gearbox, Laycock Overdrive and Power Steering..

Needless to say, it drives as you would expect a fully rebuilt car to perform, with the engine registering good oil pressure. The highly-prized Jaguar owner’s toolkit in its circular container is housed inside the spare wheel bay. A valuable Collector’s piece in it’s own right.

We cannot overstress the accuracy of the restoration works, this car is a real joy for purists of the leaping cat marque and a potential first place Concours winner.

Comes with Owner’s Toolkit, wad of invoices from Classic Restorations, Photo album of restoration pics. New MOT, Free Historic Roadtax. Cheap Classic Car Insurance available.

Marque History

The S-Type was a major redevelopment of the Mark 2. It used a mid-scale version of the Mark X Independent Rear Suspension to replace the Mark 2’s live rear axle and featured longer rear bodywork, among other styling and interior changes. The S-Type was available with either 3,4 or 3,8 litre XK engines but only in twin carburettor form because the triple carb setup would not fit into what was essentially still the Mark 2 engine bay. The S-Type remained on sale until the arrival of the Jaguar XJ6 in 1968.