1949 Riley (4-place) Roadster Special

If Riley Motor Coy had developed the 12/4 Lynx post war, this is what it might have looked like.

Built over a ten year period (massive amounts of work and expense) by professional Engineer. Finished some years ago and carefully used and cherished ever since by two RMC members. Now in excellent all round condition and nicely mellowed. It has the overall appearance and feel of a production car, rather than a special.

Based on a RMA Coventry-built rolling chassis fitted with the larger 12in RMB TLS front brakes. All steel box section frame, very strong, all body parts have compound curves, no flat panels. A full scale mock up in timber and hardboard was built first, then repeatedly altered to get the proportions just right. The original RMA wings were incorporated, radiator and bulkhead moved back. Finished in Rolls Royce Ivory, Trimmed in Connolly hide, walnut dash with RM instruments, double duck hood, tonneau, hoodbag and four seats with large luggage space incorporating tool locker with starting handle and jack.

Engine is a 5 bearing B series 1800, fully rebuilt to MGB spec with unleaded head. Gearbox is Triumph Dolomite four synchro with nice close ratios and overdrive. It suits the car very well, being torquey but feeling much livelier than the long stroke 1,5 litre Riley engine. It makes for a ‘drive anywhere anyplace’ sort of car. Modern traffic and Motorways are no problem at all.

The choice of post war four seat open cars is very limited and this unique Riley is the ideal family Tourer, it can accommodate tall or short drivers, and is a doddle to drive.

This car was the subject of a 2-page colour article in “The Automobile” in July 2013, copy supplied with vehicle.

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